The purpose of Level measurement is to measure quantitatively the liquid content in vessels, tanks using radar, ultrasonic level sensors. Identify characteristics of various level measurement technologies such as sightglass, float, hydrostatic, DP, dip tube, displacer, ultrasonic, radar, magnetostrictive, weight, capacitive, nuclear. Level Measurement & Control Products Level Gauge Weld Pad Gauge-WFG Transparent Flat GlassGauge-TFG Tabular Gauge-TTR Reflex Flat Glass Gauge-RFG Oil Gauge-OLG Mini Tabular -MDG Mini Dipstick Gauge Magnetic LiquidGauge-MLG Magnetic Float OilGauge-MFDG Magnetic Float Content Gauge-MFCG Float & Tape Gauge-FTG Float & Dial Gauge-FDG Float & Board Tank -FBG Dipstick Gauge-DLG Bi-Color Multi PortGauge-TBLG Level Switch Bilge Switch-TBS Chamber Float Magnetic Switch-CFS Mini Float Pivoted Switch-MFPS Bitumen Float Switch-FLB Compact Displacer switch-CDS Compact Vibrating Fork CVFSL Mini Vibrating Fork Switch- MFVSL Capacitance Type Switch-CPS Vibrating Fork Point Switch-VFSL Conductivity Contamination Sensor-CCS Heavy-Duty Suspended Float Switch-HFTF Air Operated Diaphragm Switch-ADS Compact Displacer Switch -CDS Conductivity Type switch-CNS Cable Suspended Float Switch-FTS Vertical Control-VLC Mini Float Guided Switch-MFGS DisplacerType Magnetic Switch-DS Magnetic Float Guided Switch-FGSI Rotary Paddle Switch-RPLS Magnetic Float guided Switch Magnetic Float Pivoted Switch-FPS Vibrating Rod Switch Vibrating Fork Switch-VFSS Vibrating Diamond Blade Switch Disc RFAdmittance Switch-DRFA RF Admittance Switch-RFA Level Transmitter Magnetic Float Guided Transmitter-FGT Capacitance Transmitter-CPT Capacitance FuelTransmitter-CFT Displacer TransmitterTorque Tube-DTT Hydrostatic Transmitter-HLT Ultrasonic Transmitter Radar Transmitter

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