Eureka Flow

Eureka Industrial Equipments Pvt Ltd is established in 1970 with manufacturing plant is spread over 4000 sqmtr near Pune and has well equipped Machining and Calibration Facilities.

Eureka have successfully positioned as one of the leading world class manufacturers of Flow Elements and various Flow measuring Instruments.

Variable Area Flow Meters
Glass Tube & Loflo Rotameter
Metal Tube Rotameter
Bye Pass Rotameter
Polycarbonate Rotameter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Differential Pressure Flow Meter
EUREKONE Cone Flow Meter
Orifice Plates & Flange Assemblies
EUBAR Averaging Pitot Tube Flow
Nozzle Assembly
Venturi Tube
Vortex Flow Meter
Turbine Flow Meter
Sight Glass Flow Indicator
Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

I.S. Engineers is authorized channel partner & distributor of Eureka Industrial Equipments Pvt Ltd.

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