Azbil India

Azbil India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of AZBIL CORPORATION (Formerly known as YAMATAKE Corporation, Japan), incorporated in order to provide "Human Centered Automation" to the Indian Automation Segment, established in year 2010. "Human Centered Automation" strives to realize "Safety, comfort and fulfillment in people's live" and "global environmental preservation"

Azbil India caters to the diverse automation segment as:
Building Automation System - For Data Centers, Pharmaceuticals Factories, Hotels, Underground Metros, Hospitals, Cash & Carry Stores, Malls, Airports, Commercial Buildings
Systems Solutions and Services - For Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution
Factory Automation Products - For Automobile, OEM, Steel, Cement, Pharmaceuticals.

These systems and products have dominant market share in Japan, where the government regulations and customers' requirement on safety and energy efficiency are the most stringent. Indian customers recognition and appreciation of our Products and Services is upwardly mobile and increasing exponentially.

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