Temperature Switch  

Temperature switches are generally used in industry for limiting temperature. They monitor the temperature of machinery and equipment and, for example, switch off machinery if it overheats or switch on a fan to cool the equipment. The Temperature switches are designed to suit those applications where controlling is of prime importance than measurement. Temperature switches are snap acting devices, designed to actuate when amplitude of temperature of a gas or liquid being monitored, is sensed. When the set point temperature is detected, the switch works to open or close a circuit. This activates the switch and control which in turn improves the safety of the workplace. The weather proof enclosure used prevents the ingression of water and dust particles when placed in open environment. Application Oil & gas Petrochemical Refineries Mines Bulk drug & pharma Chemical industries Range covered:- 15°C to 215°C Certification:-KLPL, PESO approval Temperature switches have FE series, FC series, MD series, MT series, MT series, RT2N series, RT2N series, RT2E series, RT2Y series, RTN series, RTNY series, RTNE series, ZDT series.