Directional Control Valves  

Directional valve used to allow the air flow in desire direction. compact size, wide range of coil voltage are key feature of directional valve. Different types of directional valve are listed below 1)Compact valve DS2 Compact valve G1/8 Compact valve G1/4 Compact valve G1/2 2)Manually operated valves DS2 Hand lever valves G1/8 Hand lever valves G1/4 Hand lever valves G1/2 3)Panel Mounting Valve Panel mounting valve G1/8 Panel mounting valve M5 4)Manual & mechanical valves Manual & mechanical valve ¼ Manual & mechanical valve M5 Foot operated valve 5)Solenoid valves J series DP1 series 6)Solenoid connectors 7)3/2 Direct acting NC valve 17mm & 22mm

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