Didactive (Pneumatic System)  

Pneumatic systems are design for various purpose like educational purpose, for cabinets & panels. 1)Cabinets and panels:-the special purpose cabinet and panels have features of easy and fast commissioning, operational reliability, complete turnkey solution, its repeat ordering is easy. These cabinet & panels are fully wired & allow expansion. Cabinet & panels have JPS series. 2)Educational:-for educational purpose following system are design. Application Food Pharma Textile Engineering automobile Modular manufacturing systems:-These Mechatronics systems are fully functional models of actual applications, mimicking hybrid, real life, industrial automation scenarios. Various Automation and Handling Task modules such as feeding, conveying, pick & place, transporting, forming and storage modules are available. Wide range of Modular Manufacturing Systems like Processing station, Conveyor station, Automated Storage and Retrieval System and other production stations that are suitable for modular assembly are available. A wide variety of project assignments and learning objectives help students to build hybrid systems by integrating important automation technologies. These system have 5 section1) feeder station 2)inspection station 3)Buffer station 4)Processing station 5)Sorting station. These system have MMS series. Pneumatic trainer kit:-pneumatic trainer kit is Suitable for polytechnic and engineering syllabus for various disciplines like Mechanical, Mechatronics, Production and Instrumentation. Suitable for companies having ISO & TPM training system. Since pneumatics is used in every industry like food, pharma, textile, engineering, automobile, etc. Training in this subject enables the students to know the latest trends in industrial automation and also makes the placement for the students easier.