Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Nitrogen & Air flow in Steel

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Nitrogen & Air flow in Steel

CUSTOMER NAME : Manufacturer of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebars, Ingots / Billets


APPLICATION : Ultrasonic Flowmeter for nitrogen and airflow measurement in steel

SOLUTION : Ultrasonic Flow Meter, FWD


The Industry manufactures ISI Certified Ribbed Thermo Mechanically treated (TMT) rebars, Ingots / Billets. Compressed air is useful for many industrial processes and plant applications. In compressed air systems, accurate, repeatable flow measurement assists in reducing the
consumption of pneumatic air, improve manufacturing, assembly, and process plant efficiency, and identifies leakages to eliminate wasted energy

Fuji’s compressed airflow meter FWD series with its specially designed air sensor design can measure compressed air accurately and rapidly
detect system inefficiencies or expensive leaks. Using this particular model eliminates the need for a power source as it is driven by a built-in lithium type battery. Further, as the measurement principle is based on ultrasonic, there is no pressure loss, thus no energy loss provided
there is no protrusion in the pipe.

Accurate measurement of the flow of the various liquids and gases that travel through various processes within the plant thus assisting efficient plant operations at the said facility.