PLCs to Synchronize Printing Mechanisms

PLCs to Synchronize Printing Mechanisms

CUSTOMER NAME : Leading Service Provider of Paper printing and Paper packaging

INDUSTRY : Printing

APPLICATION : Printing Machine

SOLUTION : Programmable Logic Controllers- SPF 60 I/O

LOCATION : Sealdah, Kolkata


This case study deals with the offset printing machine. In the offset printing method, an image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing material. An offset printing machine consists of many crucial components/parts like printing rollers/
blankets, compressors, and blowers that perform their own vital function. Hence it is important that all the parts function in a synchronized manner and optimum line speed is maintained.

The team from Fuji Electric studied the requirement of the offset printing machine. To achieve a synchronized function, a rotor encoder is used. An encoder converts motion into an electrical signal that can be sensed by a computer or a PLC. Fuji’s SPF PLC model is used with 60 I/O and has a positioning function that can be utilized for increasingly sophisticated and high-accuracy positioning and allows sequential logic control based on 2 encoder pulses.

The logic and arrangement thus designed enabled the synchronized operation of air blowers, compressors, and duct rollers thus matching the line speed.