Optimum Fuel Control Is Achieved By Using O2 In Flue Gas

INDUSTRY : Paper & Pulp

APPLICATION : Combustion Control In Boilers

SOLUTION : Zirconia oxygen Analyzers

LOCATION : Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

The customer a major eco-friendly Paper Manufacturer in North India has been in Operation for last 2 decades in making paper from nonconventional raw material, A diverse portfolio of Writing paper, Printing paper, Laminates paper and Packaging paper together with the outclass quality made the company a preferred brand for customers all over.

Oxygen Analyser is used to measure O2 in flue gas at Economizer outlet of the boiler. O2 content in flue gas is the measure of total combustion air being supplied. Optimum Air control is achieved by using O2 in flue gas as end to end solution in-house that ensures long term support to our customers and guarantee from product obsolescence.


Fuji Zirconia Analyzer is working satisfactorily till date from 2017.