Micrex View - XX at Incineration Power Plants

CUSTOMER NAME : A Waste Management Facility 
INDUSTRY : Waste to Energy 
APPLICATION : Solution for an Incineration Plant PRODUCT / SOLUTION
SOLUTION : DCS Panel for 1*20 MW Incineration (Waste to Energy) Power Plant 
LOCATION : Guntur, Visakhapatnam


As a part of Swachh Bharat Mission and to comply with Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, The Andhra Pradesh government has been aggressively promoting generation of power from MSW. The state government had plans to set up a model MSW-toEnergy (WtE) project in each district of the state. A leading and a responsible waste management facility received letter of award for development of the proposed project in three clusters namely Guntur, Tirupati and Visakhapatnam. The entity as mentioned above acts as a promoter and has incorporated separate companies for development of the projects on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis for converting waste to energy. Each of the subsidiary companies of the entity executed concession agreement with respective Urban Local Bodies for setting up of Waste to Energy Plant in land allocated for the purpose. A project of such mass scale requires advanced technology systems that can facilitate in the whole plant monitoring to ensure smooth functioning of the proposed project (s).


Fuji MICREX Plant Monitoring and control system Fuji provided a central management DCS Controller XCS-3000 along with Panels and respective systems for monitoring and operating the whole plant consisting of 3684 digital and analog signals approximately. The solution deployed in this case was for controlling of two boilers - Boiler-1, Boiler-2, and TG/ACC/BOP sections. A total of 3 sets of Controller systems

inclusive of three-level redundancy in CPU, Power Supply, and Communication bus had been installed. The Controllers were provided in a redundant configuration connected through equalization bus, fulfilling the requirement of bumpless switchover from the main CPU to standby CPU. The system architecture offered a peer to peer configuration followed with Fuji’s Proprietary FL-Net Data Highway @ 1Gbps being an interface between the Controller and HCI. Additionally, A redundant database had also been supplied with two of the HCIs capable of performing both Operating as well as database functions simultaneously accounting to a highly reliable system.  


With the help of FE solution, the entity was able to maintain efficient functioning of the whole project