Drives To Maintain Tension Control In Winding Machine

Drives To Maintain Tension Control In Winding Machine

CUSTOMER NAME : OEM for Winder Machine

INDUSTRY : Steel Industry

APPLICATION : Open Loop Tension Control In Winder Machine

SOLUTION : Variable Frequency Drives

LOCATION : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

This particular case was regarding the development of a winding machine wherein torque is controlled by inputting a set predefined
torque and line speed. The winding machine had to be developed using open-loop control. Most of the open-loop control winding machines require an input of starting and end functions and calculate the desired tension figure versus role diameter or line speed. Electronically controlled AC drives can help get the desired results.

Fuji engineers suggested the use of Frenic Mega to control tension in open loop vector control. The Frenic mega comes with a Dancer Control function which is ideal for winding applications. Also, it comes with short time acceleration and deceleration hence minimizing losses. A setpoint of tension can be achieved through torque input in Mega Drive. If tension on the winder is lower than the setpoint, the speed of winder increases automatically till tension is maintained and vice versa. Further, the drive controls the rate of change of speed if tension varies. Additionally, trolly Is mounted on top of the winder and can wind material in proper shape. New Mini drive controls trolly according to the main winder speed.

The desired set point of torque was achieved through the drive’s torque input method. Frenic drive is an advanced electronic AC drive that comes with torque controls and is viable for a number of various applications.