Drives to Improve Vertical Conveyance

CUSTOMER NAME :India’s Leading E-commerce Company
INDUSTRY : Material Handling
APPLICATION : Vertical goods lifting machine
SOLUTION : Frenic Mega (VFD)
LOCATION : Pune, Maharashtra 


This particular case relates to a weight lifting machine generally used in warehouses and other industrial facilities like assembly lines wherein heavy goods need to be lifted, stacked, or retrieved from a certain height. Before Installation of Fuji Electric drives, the machine was working on a similar arrangement but with a drive manufactured by another company wherein in case of overload, the machine stopped at a higher height from the ground level, hence making it difficult to unload the excess weight.


After a site visit and taking a measure of the situation. Fuji Electric engineers suggested the use of Frenic Mega VFD to drive the motor. In the case of a vertical good lifting machine, the drive needs to sense overcurrent that occurs if in case the weight loaded is more than the specified value and needs to stop the machine. Our product proved to be better placed than our competitor as we achieved this at a height of 150 mm from the ground level as compared to 400 mm, which was a case with the previously deployed solution. Further, the drive comes with increased reliability of brake function for use of vertical conveyance as in this case. Under this, a torque value is added along with the conventional current and frequency value with a delay whenever the output is braked. Hence as a result brake timing can be adjusted more easily.

Trip time and halting height of the lift due to overload was decreased to 150 mm from ground level.