Cool Metro Travel

CUSTOMER NAME : World Largest Laminated Packaging Company
SOLUTION : Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
LOCATION : Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

The operator of India’s largest Metro network apart from contributing significantly towards controlling pollution as well as reducing vehicular congestion on the roads also provides the commuters with a comfortable public transport option compared to the traditional modes of public transport. As it operates a massive network of 285 stations with underground stations that are completely air conditioned it is important to have a reliable and proven system to monitor the air conditioning systems which is very critical for passenger comfort.

The team of Fuji Electric engineers visited the site and understood the requirements of the metro station and the customers for the air conditioning. Based on this study it was recommended to install Ultrasonic Flowmeter to monitor the water flow in the chiller balancing tubes to ensure that the administrators have accurate data to monitor and control the air conditioning system.

The installation of the Fuji Electric Ultrasonic Flowmeter has ensured that the team handling the operation of the HVAC system at the Metro station have accurate information on the water flow in the chiller units that enables then to keep the air conditioning at the required level with optimum usage of the chiller system.