CEMS for Pigment Manufacturing Industry Assisting in Pollution Control

CUSTOMER NAME : Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Phthalocyanine Pigment
INDUSTRY : Pigment Manufacturing
APPLICATION : Continuous emission monitoring for pigment plant 
SOLUTION : Analyzer, CEMS Solution
LOCATION : Haryana


India’s Largest Oil & Gas Supplier entity needed Fire Fighting System at various LPG Terminal locations were addressed by Fuji Electric. The primary PLC monitors the operation of the diesel engine. In the event of fire, the Control system ensures a continuous flow of water through the hydrant line, pressure of which is regulated using pressure transmitters. The hydrant line pressure drops significantly when one or more smoke detectors are exposed to heat above their designed temperature, and the sprinkler opens, releasing water. Depending upon the magnitude of fire, the PLC is programmed to interface one of the three (Jockey Pump, Main Pump or the Diesel Engine) thus extinguishing the fire.


A compact panel housing a state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller with Touch display and various other control accessories was commissioned. The control system offered interfaced well with various Push Buttons, Pressure sensors and other field devices to provide a fail-safe robust solution. Safety being the most important aspect of this system, care was taken while engineering the system to accurately monitor the vital parameters of the diesel engine, jockey pumps and field instruments and design an appropriate Control algorithm. The system designed was modular to accommodate future expansions and optimised for minimal footprint. 


A satisfied customer who is currently keen on working with us for similar and allied projects . They appreciate the quality of the system provided which offers them flexibility and minimum downtimes. Supplied systems are running successfully since 2018