Automation of Veneer Dryer Machine

Automation of Veneer Dryer Machine

CUSTOMER NAME : OEM for ply and wood processing machinery

INDUSTRY : PLY and wood manufacturing machinery

APPLICATION : 10 Section 4 Deck Roller Veneer Dryer Machine

SOLUTION : PLC, HMI, VFD and Temperature Controllers

LOCATION : Birati, Kolkata

The company is an OEM for ply and wood processing machinery and has been manufacturing cost-effective machinery suitable for manufacturing Plywood, Flush Doors, etc. for the past 60 years. The company was looking for a solution that could assist in automating its flagship machinery of veneer dryer. Best efficiency can be achieved with ratio control over the conveyor speed being directly proportional to the oven temperature. Hence the company was looking for the design and development of a solution for veneer dryer automation.

After visiting the facility, our team of engineers suggested a viable framework that when deployed can achieve the desired results. For the arrangement, Fuji engineers selected Fuji’s SPF PLC and Technoshot 10” HMI. The oven temperature was detected through thermocouple and was transferred to the PLC through Modbus communication and based on that temperature conveyor speed was The PLC, SPF used for the purpose was with 24 I/O and supports high-speed processing with Instruction execution time as fast as 0.3 μs for basic instructions and 0.87 μs for data instruction It also comes with a Monitouch Technoshot HMI connection function and hence erases the need of any special communication equipment.


After deploying the above-explained solution Synchronous control of conveyors based on oven temperature was achieved. This increased the overall efficiency of the machine.