Air Preparation Units  

This units are used to improve the quality of compressed air being fed into pneumatic product in order to improve their life as well as control the pressure/ flow of shop compressed air. Air preparation unit include following product 1)filter Filter with manual drain Filter with internal autodrain Filter with metal bowl Mist separator 2)regulator Regulator Regulator with NRV 3)lubricator Lubricator Lubricator with metal bowl 4)filter regulator combination FRC with manual drain FRC with internal auto drain FRC with metal bowl 5)FRL modular FRLM with piping adopter FRLM without adopter FRLM with internal auto drain 6)FRCL modular FRCLM with piping adopter FRCLM without piping adopter FRCLM with internal auto drain 7)accessories For modular construction Clamps for FRL Pressure gauge Auto drain valve 8)shutoff valve/ lockable shutoff valve 9)pressure switch 10)pressure sensor- 2 outputs 11)pressure sensor- 1 output Application:- Used in all the industries