Human Machine Interface is a industrial hardware which is use in small plant or individual units of large plant for monitoring & controlling purpose. HMI have 3 series. 1) MONITOUCH TECHNOSHOT 2) V9 series 3) V8 series. MONITOUGH TECHNOSHOT:- TECHNOSHOT have bright TFT color liquid crystal screens. Easy to see the Programmable display. A high resolution display & high speed response display give TECHNOSHOT panels a high power of expression. MONITOUGH TECHNOSHOT have TS2000, TS1000 smart, TS1000 series. V9 series:- V9 series have V9 advanced, V9 standard, V9 Lite type. V9 series have 200% zooming in & out with two fingers, Scrolling magnified image, communicating ports (OPCN-1, T-Link, CC-Link, Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP, SX BUS, Device Net, FL-net , EtherCAT) V8 Series:- V8 Series HMI following models V815N, V812N, V810N, V808N, V808CH, V806N. V8 series HMI have High- resolution display. It display high level images in real time without missing any information, Clear & smooth letters. We can connect it with PC, Bar code reader, Monitouch, temperature controller & invertors, PLCs.